Go Far Woman

The Area's Women's Only Run

August 10 & 11, 2018
Fargo, North Dakota


Medal Unpacking

Help get the swag ready to go!  Unpacking medals is a fun, easy way to volunteer - and you get first sights on the medals!

Packet Pickup

Help distribute packets and shirts to the runners that have registered.  Witness first hand the excitement of the women and girls ready to run!

Organizing Shirts

Prior to the Expo opening, we need volunteers to help organize the shirts and packets for distribution.  This is perfect for those Type A personalities - that love to have things in order!

Average Joe Aid Station

We are looking for the best guys to assist the women & girls running with an aid station!  You'll be getting the water and Powerade ready to hand out to the runners as they pass by!  Dress up, play music, have fun and make your aid station the one that all of the ladies will be talking about!

Finish Line Food

Runners need nourishment after their races - and will be looking to you for some finish line food.  Assist with organizing the finish line food and distributing to the runners.  Here you will witness all of the excitement from the finishers - and the sense of accomplishment!



Good with computers and numbers?  This is the job for you!  Help register runners for the race on Saturday.




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